Match the hole number to your surname

1: A7: G13: O & P
2: B8: H & I14: Q & R
3: C9: J & K15: S
4: D10: L16: T
5: E11: M17: U & V
6: F12: N18: W, X Y & Z


We all want Honiton to be the best course it can be and to enjoy our golf. Repairing pitch marks, raking bunkers and filling divots on tees may not be the most exciting topic, however we have all had a good putt deflected away from the hole at the last moment or been frustrated by landing in a divot on the fairway haven’t we?

If everyone repairs their pitch marks (if you make one) and one other, the result will be that the putting surfaces at Honiton will improve. If when leaving a bunker you rake and leave it as you would wish to find it, replace divots on the fairway and fill them on the tee from the seed box on the tee then within a short space of time the course will play better for all of us.

We are asking you to adopt a hole (based on the letters of your surname) and without delaying play please repair any visible pitch marks, rake bunkers and replace divots. Also please politely remind your playing partners should they forget to rake the bunker, replace divots on the fairway or use the box on the tee then hopefully they will remember in the future.

Unfortunately there is no prize for the best kept hole, other than a great course and hopefully some better scores!

Thank You, Course Development Team October 2016

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